Show 505: Hobby Lobby Goes to Washington

Hobby Lobby Goes to Washington

Are Corporations “persons” that can have their religious liberty taken away? Does the Supreme Court ruling on the Hobby Lobby case set ignore the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment? Was this ruling really just about contraception and sexuality, or was it more about a growing anti-women sentiment in America? Or perhaps, was this the Right’s attempts to pull the teeth out of Obamacare? And are there far reaching potential consequences to this ruling which go beyond religion, health insurance, and a promotion of gender inequality?

Or does this ruling actually respect the Separation of Church and State, bring a much needed sense of morality back to America, protects religious freedom of employers (not the corporation itself), and is respectful not only to women, but to the rights of the unborn who would face possible (and legal) abortion should more women have sex relying on methods of protection which are not full pr0of?

Matthew LaClair will host a discussion on these questions and others along with two women from the secular perspective: Carol Price and Abby Davenport. He will also speak to corporate lawyer, Anne Tucker about the case.

Anne Tucker is an associate professor at Georgia State University where she teaches and research corporate law and corporate constitutional rights. She participated in an amicus brief on the Hobby Lobby case and was fortunate enough to attend the oral argument. She formerly practiced corporate law with Paul, Hastings, Janofsky & Walker LLP, which ranked first in The American Lawyer’s 2014 list of most successful law firms in America. She received her JD magna cum laude at Indiana University’s Bloomington-Maurer school of law.

Carol Price is the author of Mystic Rhythms: The Philosophical Vision of RUSH. She received the BA in Philosophy from Montclair State University and studied with Matthew Lipmann at the Institute for the Advancement of Philosophy for Children. With her husband Robert M. Price, she has hosted Heretics Anonymous and Skeptic Tank discussion groups in their home over 25 years. She has created the Mindvendor website and has recently founded Mindvendor Books. She has taught philosophy in area elementary schools and is now teaching kindergarteners and first graders in rural North Carolina.

Abby Davenport is a Freethought activist, an open atheist in the religious backwater of Oklahoma, a staunch opponent of magical thinking and “woo,” a political leftist, and supports logic, reason, and compassion in all activities. Abigail is looking to go back to university for Library Science in the near future.

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One Response to Show 505: Hobby Lobby Goes to Washington

  1. Eben says:

    Ok, I just listened to this, and I only have 2 days off so I don’t have enough time to go through all the things that Carol was completely and totally and utterly wrong about. To sum it up: pretty much everything.

    Her fallacious assertion that liberals want a governmental nanny state, and that if only people would take personal responsibility and think critically smacks of so much irony that I’m surprised her head didn’t implode from the vacuum pressure of the void inside her skull.

    Also, her claim that corporations have no choice but to do this because the government has forced it on them, and that it should be in the hands of the people, is essentially an argument for single-payer healthcare, which is successful in every country it’s been tried in (despite her lies attempting to claim there are long waits and death lists and doctor apathy, etc.).

    But she didn’t agree, because she’s been indoctrinated to think that “Socialism is BAD, guys!” by greedy capitalists who want people like her to keep the status quo going so they can keep robbing the country.

    It literally costs less for someone to fly to France, get a medical procedure done, tool around Europe for several months, and fly back, than it would cost to stay in the US and have that same procedure done.

    Conservatives just don’t understand that facts are facts, and that just because someone uses those facts to show they’re wrong, doesn’t mean they’re attacking you personally. That’s the problem with beliefs not based on fact: people tend to get zealously defensive when they’re challenged by reality.

    Abby was brilliant and I wish Carol would have shut up for a second so she could talk instead of continually interrupting Abby. But, that’s how conservatives usually work: drown out the opposition, so that only they can be heard.

    I know that debates aren’t usually ETFF’s thing, but consider in future if you’re going to run a debate-style show, run it like an actual debate, with a moderator who directs questions to specific guests, gives them 30 seconds or a minute to respond, and then provide time for a counter-response, that way there is no talking over people and no chance for a conservative to just shout the loudest and then go home thinking they’ve made a point :/

    Otherwise, good show!

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